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Our Web Agency is headquartered in Ticino and offers a wide range of graphics solutions and services in the field of digital media: E-commerce solutions, content management systems (CMS), SEO, Online Branding and strategies for each business – anywhere. We recognize the identity and reputation of your business not only in the quality of services you offer, but in how people, customers, perceive you.

Web Development
A modern showcase for your business. Customize your business to reach more customers! We can create dynamic and static websites. The web is useful to expand trade relations in Switzerland and Europe between you and your target.
Some new important countries are emerging and reaching at the top of the world economy. Consider the Switzerland is a multicultural and multilingual country. We offer professional translations to attract all the new important economic realities. Do your products and services are synonymous with quality? If so may be a good idea to inform the rest of the globe.
Star Up?
Are you a start-up? We can help you build a strong and well known brand. Go on-line fast! The TrueWeb offers Start-up tools to begin with success. From simple SEO campaigns to advanced social media marketing. Being online means more Clients.
Business View
Your customers will see inside of your company space in 360°. You will obtain your customer confidence faster than ever. We organize a photo shoot for your company. The company visibility is important. The imprinting of the customer is one of the most fundamental aspects to consider in order to acquire him.


A website works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week . Even the most loyal employee couldn’t do it.

We work with small and medium enterprises but also with start-up. We take the our time to learn about our customers and their needs but we also focus on the expectations of their customers and partners. We are ready for the needs of our customers who wants to have a prominent position in his niche market and be quick to react to the new realities. If you want to talk to us about your project, contact us and we’ll be happy to listen.



Andrea Vitiani

He does much of the administrative work and ensures high level of customer satisfaction. He only admits excellent results.


Giuseppe De Napoli

Experienced web designer/web developer. He has advanced Seo, indexing and programming skills.


J.M. Clément

WEB (PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET) developer. Opensource CMS creator. Websites and mobile APP expert.

We tend to establish an adequate system of guarantees according to the customer needs. A good relationship starts from the peace of mind, perhaps there are other ways to begin a working relationship, but it is our opinion that this is the best.


Heavy users of the Internet
from 14 to 65 years old
Heavy users of the Internet
more then 65 years old
Social media population
Based on G20's countries
2016 europe scenario
of total sales will be on line

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We create marketing campaigns in the major and most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Interest, Google+, Instagram etc.


From simple SEO to advanced social media marketing – we take care of all your needs and we offer you the best for your needs.


On-line shopping is rapidly increasing and it is the moment to get started. We build professional online stores.

Bug Testing

Script bugs? Malware? Virus? Spam? Scam? Your Web Agency in Ticino finds a solution quickly. Time is money.                                                                                                   


Our Hosting plans are safe and reliable. Speed is an important tool when it comes to web. TrueWeb, web agency in Ticino.                                                                                                   

Web Agency

The Web Marketing is the source of advertising with the best return on investment in the current landscape. Visit our blog for more information.

FileMaker 13

Go Paperless! Manage your business with the help of the latest technologies. Your database management system and customer relationship management follow you anywhere via your iPad or iPhone. Sign contracts and agreements directly on your iPad.


 Thanks to your Web Agency in Ticino, you will be present in the first page of the major search engines. The image of your company will be optimized to achieve the highest visibility in your target market.                                                                                                            

Geo Tag Service

A Place In The World. We will bring you on  Google Maps and, if necessary, in other major portals for specific Geo location. Among other things, it is important that customers know where you are. They want to know that you exist and that you have a place in the world.


A 24/7 on-line shop without high monthly fees. Highly ranked in Goggle, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu etc…










We chose Trueweb as web agency in Ticino, and we are satisfied with the choice. We had a rapid increase in sales and we receive constant updates about on-line visitors numbers. TrueWeb has developed our FileMaker database. I just need my iPad to register a new patient. Informed consents are managed by both PC and Ios mobile devices. Customers can sign directly on the iPad touch screen. I have access to live graphs and statistics of costs and gains. The system keeps track of inventory reminding me to re-order products that are ending. I can make a complex order with the tap of an iPad or by a simple mouse click on my PC. Thanks from Wortelboer M.D. Aesthetic Medicine staff!Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. Wortelboer M.D.- Lugano
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  • TrueWeb – Web Agency 
  • Via Cantonale 18 6928 Manno 
  • Canton Ticino – Svizzera 
  • E-MAIL: [email protected]
  • TEL: 0041 (0)91 23 42 454
  • FAX: 0041 (0)91 23 40 555 
  • TrueWeb – Web Agency 
  • Via Cantonale 18 6928 Manno 
  • Canton Ticino – Svizzera 
  • E-MAIL: [email protected]
  • TEL: 0041 (0)91 23 42 454
  • FAX: 0041 (0)91 23 40 555 

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